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  Mo - So 9,00 Euro Kino 1                
  Mo - So 7,00 Euro Kino 2/3  
  Jeden Tag 3,00 Euro für Freundeskreis-Mitglieder  more
Ab 130 Minuten Filmlänge plus Euro -,50
  Ab 150 Minuten Filmlänge plus Euro 1,-
  Kinderfilm 4,- Euro für Kinder bis 14 Jahre  
  Bei Sonderveranstaltungen gesonderte Preise (laut Aushang)
  Mi, 06.12. 19:00 NY Portuguese Short Film Festival 2017
  Eintritt frei
  First Set (54 minutes)
Carga by Luis Campos
The Wood Craver or The World´s Most Beautiful Workshop by João Vasco
The Fear Installation by Ricardo Leite
You by Hugo Pinto
Once Upon a Thread by Patricia Figueiredo (Guest Short Film)

Second Set (54 minutes)
A Room in Lisbon by Francisco Carvalho
Alvanéu by André C. Santos
Manuel by Bruno Carnide
The Amazing Ordinary Man by Paulo Portugal
Ribbon Tooth by Sara Gouveira
A Long Day by Sérgio Graciano (Guest Short Film)
  A Long Day – Guest Short Film

The longest day of the short life of little John was the day he knew that his grandfather had died. It was a day that he would never forget. This is the story of how a 8 year old boy interprets death and mourning of one of the most important person in his life. João has the complicity and an understanding of young Louise, for whom this day is also strange and long.

Director: Sérgio Graciano
Fiction | 16′

ALVANÉU (a portuguese word meaning “someone that does or builds something, a mason”) is the report of 15 days of changes, of discovery, of transformation in the city of Estarreja and its community within the ESTAU. 15 days of smiles, stress, music, paint, lots of paint, dance, great food, nature and so much more.

Director: André C. Santos
Documentary | 7′