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Di, 4.4.2017 20:00 Uhr und Mi, 5.4. 17:30



  USA 2017, Dir. Michael Glover, starring: Emmy Winner Christiane Paul, Francesco Mazzini, Michael Rothmann, Frank Kallinowski, Stig Eldred, with Bright Blue Gorilla as the Greek Chorus, 110 Min, OmU

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Mi, 5.4. 17:30   TICKETS-ONLINE

MR. RUDOLPHO’S JUBILEE is the 6th feature film from the independent movie & music team, Bright Blue Gorilla (writer/director Michael Glover and producer Robyn Rosenkrantz).

It’s a surreal comedy romance, told by two “Musical Angels”, aka Bright Blue Gorilla as the Greek Chorus. Part screwball comedy, part Bohemian musical, with a pinch of cop-show thrown in for flavor, Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee deliciously mixes up form and mashes up genre.

Mr. Rudolpho is an Italian fashion designer. Rich, famous, and depressed. Surrounded by the luxury of his Tuscan villa, monitored 24/7 by a security team and reviled by the CEO of Rudolpho Inc., he’s become a prisoner of success. Rudolpho’s been sketching something in his moleskin book for months, but nobody knows what it is. Turns out he’s making plans for suicide. Good timing, because the CEO is planning to bump him off. (Dead icons are profitable, just ask Chanel or Gucci.)

  Rudolpho heads to Berlin for Fashion Week to do himself in, with the killers not far behind. But, this being a Bright Blue Gorilla film, things don’t always go as planned... Through a series of events he is thrown in with some off-the-grid artists - the Boheems - who have no idea who he is. Thinking he’s destitute, they invite him to stay. Meanwhile, cops, killers, reporters, and Interpol all search for him. Rudolpho, happy in his hide-out, is hanging with the Boheems - and maybe falling for one of them…

Bright Blue Gorilla is producer Robyn Rosenkrantz and director Michael Glover, world-traveling filmmakers, musicians, and happy husband/wife team from Los Angeles. In 1990, they quit their L.A. jobs, sold everything they had (except their guitars), and bought one-way tickets to Amsterdam. They’ve been charming audiences around the world ever since with their uplifting movies & music!

MR. RUDOLPHO’S JUBILEE was shot in Berlin, Milan and Tuscany. It was made by an artist collective of almost 300 people from 36 countries. It’s in English, German and French (with German & English subtitles). Bright Blue Gorilla will play a 30 minute concert to start the night, followed by the film. The film is 1:10 minutes. After the film will be Q&A with actors, director and producer.

Written & Directed by Michael Glover
Produced by Robyn Rosenkrantz
Director of Photography - Tomasz Winczewski
Editor - Michael Glover
Art Director - Özde Bayer
Costume Designer - Beatrice Paola Ruffini
Original Music - BBright Blue Gorilla, with additional songs by Gerhard Schiewe and Stig Eldred.

Christa Pasch Assistant Director
Tanya Sell Production Manager
Christiane Paul - Anja
Francesco Mazzini - Mr. Rudolpho
Michael Glover - Musical Angel #1
Robyn Rosenkrantz - Musical Angel #2
Stig Eldred - Barry
Michael Rothmann - Agent Müller
Frank Kallinowski - Agent Schmidt
Luisa Wietzorek - Agent X
Howard Corlett - Edward
Edward Tony Moore - Colin
Colin Enzo Giraldo - CEO
Valeria Anna Ferrario - Specialist
Anja Karmanski - Interpol Agent Zindler
Winfried Peter Goos - Interpol Agent Brown
Rob Rodgers - Interpol Agent Wilson
Roberta Bianchini - Nina
Laura Mitzkus - Petra
Yann Grouhel -Magnus
Denis Aubert - Hamilton
Mathieu Charriére - Kevin
Gregor Marvel - Gregor
Dodo Nkishi - Dodo
Kerstin Kaernbach - Kerstin
full cast & crew list   http://www.imdb.com/