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Five broken cameras

  State of Palestine/Israel/France 2011, R: Guy Davidi, Emad Burnat, 90 Min; OmeU


A co-production of Alegria productions, Burnat Films Palestine, Guy DVD Films
Produced: Christine Camdessus, Serge Gordey, Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi
Camera: Emad Burnat | Editor: Veronique Lagoarde-Segot | Music: Le Trio Joubran a film by emad burnat and guy davidi

When his fourth son, Gibreel, is born in 2005, self-taught cameraman Emad Burnat, a Palestinian villager, gets his first camera.

At the same time in his village of Bil’in, a separation barrier is being built by Israel on the villagers’ cultivated lands and they begin to resist this decision.

They are joined by Israeli and international peace activists. In the following years, Burnat films this peaceful movement, which is lead by two of his best friends, Adeeb and Phil, while filming the growth of his son at the same time.

Very soon, these events begin to affect his family and his own life.

Night raids by the army and daily arrests in the village scare his family. His friends, brothers and even he are either shot or arrested. One camera after the other, is either shot or smashed. Each camera unfolds a part of history and his story.

Eventually, Burnat joins forces with Israeli filmmaker, Guy Davidi and together they create a powerful piece of work.

“An engrossing, out-of-the-ordinary film” (The Hollywood Reporter)
“Undeniably powerful” (Variety)
Graphic Design: studio Lee&Tamar


Do, 16.11. 20:00


Mixed Feelings (Regashot Me’oravim)

  Israel/Norway 2016, R: Guy Davidi, 78 minutes, OmeU


Mixed Feelings is an inspiring story about cultural resistance of Israeli director and teacher, Amir Orian, a once successful actor that left his blooming career to create an alternative theater in his own apartment.

This documentary tries to create space for artistic expression and the discussion of alternative points of view in a country troubled by destructive nationalistic forces. When Israel attacks Gaza, he can’t withhold objections to the war, while his students show resistance to the discussion. Performing onstage, their deep emotions are revealed, yet their defiance threatens the existence of the theatre.

Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner, director Guy Davidi, created a staggering film that captures the ongoing collapse of Israel’s civil society through a sincere portrait of an artist, who believes in the power of art to create change.

When Israel attacks Gaza, acting teacher Amir Orian can't withhold his objections to the war. While performing on stage, his students' deep emotions explode, yet their protest against his views threatens the existence of the theater he created in his own living room. Despite the conflict Amir encourages his students to find their strength to be vulnerable and weak on stage. It's his modest way to create change. Filmed between two wars, 'Mixed Feelings' captures the ongoing collapse of Israeli civil society. Yet it's a compassionate story about cultural resistance through theater and the controversial nature of genuine political education.


Guy Davidi
Academy Award Nominated and Emmy Award Winner. His documentaries have been screened in dozens of Film Festivals, venues, cinemas, and TV channels such as "In Working Progress" (2006), "Women Defying Barriers” (2009) and "High Hopes" (2014), which features music by Pink Floyd. In 2010 he released a first feature "Interrupted Streams" following by the acclaimed "5 Broken Cameras" (2012) with Palestinian co-director Emad burnat. The film was nominated to the Oscar 2013 in the Best Documentary section and has won the 2013 International Emmy Award for Best Documentary. It won awards in more than 40 film festivals worldwide and commercially distributed worldwide.

Film Festivals:
Epos Film Festival (Tel-Aviv) - Best Documentary Award (2016)
MARFICI Film Festival (Argentina) Best Documentary Award (2017)
Montreal International Film Festival (RIDM)
SR Socially Relevant Film Festival (NYC)
DocCevennes (France)
Bergen International Film Festival (Norway)
New Orleans Film Festival (USA)
Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (NYC)
Sofia International Film Festival

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Indiegogo Campaign Videos (in English)

Mixed Feelings protagonist - Amir Orian

Israeli Actors talk about Amir’s role as a teacher in their lives

A story of friendship between a man and his Dog

Campaign’s main video

Selected Scenes open links:

Habima National Theater Scene

Amir and His Dog

Students support the War

Memory of the 1948 Palestinian Nakbe

Guy Davidi - Filmography
High Hopes (2014) Palestine.
Socially Relevant Film Festival New York - Justice and Peace Award, Award of Merit – Indie-fest Los Angeles, Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival, IE – Best Documentary, IFCOM, the International Film Competition Festival - Best Documentary, Erie International Film festival – Best Documentary Short, Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival - Best Documentary…

Five Broken cameras (2012) Israel - Palestine - France.
Oscar 2013 Nomination – Best Documentary.International
Emmy Award Winner – Best Documentary 2013.
Jury Prize and Audience award winners, IDFA Film Festival 2012, Best Director Award Winner, Sundance Film Festival 2012, Won more than 40 awards in festivals and commercially distributed in cinemas around the world.

Interrupted Streams (2010) Israel- Switzerland.
David's Silver Camera Award - Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, Premiered at the Jerusalem Film Festival, Participated in Cinemambiente Film Festival (Italy) & festivals around the world.

Keywords (2010) Israel (short)
Premiered at the Haifa Film Festival, 2010, Participated in the Sole Luna Festival (Italy) and film festivals around the world.

Women Defying Borders (2009) Israel - Palestine - Italy (short)
Best Documentary - Montecatini Film Festival (Italy), Participated in the Mecal Film Festival (Spain) and film festivals around the world.

A Gift from Heaven (2008) Israel (short)
Premiered at the Workers' Film Festival in Haifa, Participated in Curtocircuito Film Festival (Spain) and film festivals around the world.

In Working Progress (2006) Israel – Switzerland (mid-length)
Premiered at the Lussas Film Festival (France). Participated in GZDocs (China) and dozens of film festivals around the world.