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  Mo - So 9,00 Euro Kino 1                
  Mo - So 7,00 Euro Kino 2/3  
  Jeden Tag 4,00 Euro für Freundeskreis-Mitglieder  more
Ab 130 Minuten Filmlänge plus Euro -,50
  Ab 150 Minuten Filmlänge plus Euro 1,-
  Kinderfilm 4,- Euro für Kinder bis 14 Jahre Gruppen ab 10 Kinder 2,50 Euro
  Bei Sonderveranstaltungen gesonderte Preise (laut Aushang)

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  MEXICO SCOPE, Mexican Film Festival Berlin
  Born in 2017, the Mexican Film Festival, MEXICO SCOPE, will be presenting its first Event on October 12- 15, 2017 in Babylon in Berlin, Germany.

Mexico Scope is the first non-competitive Mexican Film Festival in Germany. Its objective is to promote the cinematographic work of Mexico’s most outstanding filmmakers and provide the audience with a deeper insight and appreciation of the contemporary Mexican culture through film and to show the other face of the country - its cultural and artistic side, which so often gets lost amid the violent headlines.

At the same time, it seeks to increase business opportunities, employment and collaboration between filmmakers, media people and governmental and/or cultural organizations.

Our main objective is to establish ourselves as the most important platform for young Mexican filmmakers in Berlin, presenting each year young talents and world-renowned experts in moving image.
  Facebook Event: facebook.com