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  Panorama Colombia es una mirada reflexiva, actual y entretenida al interior de la cinematografía y la cultura Colombiana.

Desde el 05 de Abril el BABYLON en ROSA-LUXEMBURG PLATZ abre sus puertas para que la comunidad berlinesa, colombiana, latina y europea disfruten de una gala muy especial.

Todo esto y mucho más gracias al soporte de nuestros partners y a un equipo de excelentes profesionales Colombianos, Alemanes, Mexicanos, Españoles y Australianos comprometidos con el cine y la cultura Colombiana.

Del 05 al 08 de Abril de 2018, ven a explorar el otro lado del océano a través de las mejores producciones colombianas del 2017-2018.

Con todo el cariño del mundo, ¡los esperamos!
  Panorama Colombia ist die einmalige und einzigartige Einfürung in die kolumbianische Welt des Kinos, anregend​ wie ergreifend, und Ausdruck ihrer Kultur.​

Ab dem 05. April lädt Panorama Colombia im Babylon am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz die kolumbianische und deutsche, die lateinamerikanische und europäische Gemeinschaft Berlins ein, ein Aufsehen errengendes und beindruckendes Fest mit uns zu erleben.

Die Unterstützung unserer Partner und die tatkräftige und enthusiastische Arbeit unseres professionellen Teams aus Kolumbianern, Deutschen, Mexikanern, Spaniern und Australiern haben das Vorhaben Panaroma Colombia ermöglicht.

Vom 05. bis 08. März haben Sie die einmalige Chance die ​ergreifendsten und großartigsten kolumbianischen Filme ​aus 2017 und 2018 zu ​erleben​! Panorama Colombia erwartet Sie voller Vorfreude!
  Panorama Colombia is an current and vibrant view into Colombian's culture and cinematography.

From 05th of April, Babylon in Rosa Luxemburg Platz opens its doors to all Berliners, Colombians, Latinamericans and Europeans to attend and enjoy a special gala.

Thanks to the support of all our partners and a dedicated team of professionals from Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Australia and Spain, Panorama Colombia, a dream come true.

Come and explore the best of Colombian cinema from 05 to 08 April 2018. Come and join us!


  Panorama Colombia
4th Colombian Film Festival Berlin

Thursday 5th of April
20:00 Opening Film, El Dia de la Cabra (Bad Lucky Goat)
22:00 Bogoshorts: Fiction 

Friday 6th of April
17:00 VideoArt (Free Entry)
18:00 Colombia Bio - Colciencias
18:00 Bogoshorts: Documentary
20:00 Paciente, (Patient)
20:15 Ciro y Yo
21:45 Bogoshorts: Fiction
22:15 Yo, Lucas (I, Lucas)

Saturday 7th of April
15:00 VideoArt (Free Entry)
16:00 Bogoshorts: Fiction
18:00 Amazona
18:15 La Defensa del Dragon (Dragons Defense)
19:45 El Dia de la Cabra (Bad Lucky Goat)
19:45 Pariente (Guilty Men)
21:30 Yo, Lucas (I, Lucas)

Domingo 8th of April
15:15 Videoart (Free Entry)
16:00 Bogoshorts: Documentary
16:15 Paciente, (Patient)
18:00 Three Scapulars (Tres Escapularios)
18:15 La Defensa del Dragon (Dragons Defense)
20:00 Pariente (Guilty Men)
20:00 Closing Film: Ciro y Yo


  Opening Film:
El Día de la Cabra (Bad Lucky Goat)

Colombia, 2017, R: Samir Oliveros mit Honlenny Huffington, Kiara Howard, Elkin Robinson, 76 Min, OmeU (Creole with English subtitles )

After accidentally killing a bearded goat with their father's truck, two incompatible siblings in their teenage years, embark on a journey of reconciliation. Corn and Rita must find a way to repair the truck in time to pick up the tourists that will be staying at their family's hotel. As they struggle to find the means necessary to conceal the accident, the siblings will visit a butcher, rastafari drum makers, a pawn shop and even a witch doctor, in a 24-hour adventure around Port Paradise.
  Pariente (Guilty Men)

Colombia, 2016, R: Ivan D. Gaona mit Willington Gordillo, Heriberto Palacio, René Díaz Calderón,, 115 Min, OmeU (Spanish with English subtitles )

Mariana, Willington’s eternal love, is preparing her marriage with René, the cousin of her ex-boyfriend. While Willington tries to get her back, the rumour of a thief in town and a series of violent deaths that remind them of a fearful past, will endanger Mariana’s new family.
  La Defensa del Dragón (The Dragon Defense)

Colombia, 2016, R: Natalia Santa mit Gonzalo de Sagarminaga, Hernan Mendez, Manuel Navarro, 80 Min, OmeU (Spanish with English subtitles )

Samuel, Joaquín and Marcos, are three old friends living their lives in downtown Bogotá. They spend their days between Lasker – the legendary chess club, The Caribbean Casino, and La Normanda – a traditional coffee shop. Samuel, 53, is a professional chess player that lives of betting on small matches he knows he will win. His best friend is Joaquín, 65, an accomplished watch-maker who’s about to loose the workshop he inherited from his father. And then there’s Marcos, 72, a Spanish homeopath devoted to finding a formula to win poker matches. These three men have found shelter in the safety of their routines, avoiding to facing up to their failures. But a time comes when they are confronted by reality and causes them to stagger.
  Yo, Lucas (I, Lucas)

Colombia, 2017, R: Lucas Maldonado mit Lucas Maldonado, Camila Loboguerrero, Matías Maldonado, 71 Min, OmeU (Spanish with English subtitles)

Even during these times where testimonials and stories told in first person abound, I, Lucas is an extreme and unusual film. With brutal sincerity director Lucas Maldonado analyzes himself in terms of his pain, but also the love for people he has held dear: his filmmaker mother, his architect father, his deceased best friend, the girlfriends he succeeds in convincing to lie on a chaise longue and relive the errors, the excesses, the good times shared and the affection offered. He composes a self-portrait in which the splinters of a fractured generational tale are visible; it is a group picture, the image of a neighborhood and a city. Without fear of ridicule of self-defamation, Maldonado oversteps the limits of the prohibited. This transgression seems to be a mischievous child’s game, but it reveals moments of frank vulnerability in himself and in others.
Colombia, 2016, R: Clare Weiskopf mit Valerie Guarnizo, Clare Weiskopf , 82 Min, OmeU (Spanish with English subtitles)

What makes someone a good mother? After the tragic death of her eldest daughter, Val left her kids and family behind and escaped into the Colombian jungle to search for her identity. Clare Weiskopf, the director of this film, was 11 years old at the time and couldn’t understand what her mother was looking for. Thirty years later, when she becomes pregnant, she decides to confront her mother, heal the wounds of the past and try to define motherhood on her own terms. She visits Val in her heavenly habitat in the Amazon region of Colombia and films her weaving bracelets in her timber hut, driving her moped to the market and cooking fish on a wood-burning stove. Why did Val hit the road when her two children needed her so badly?
  Ciro y Yo
Colombia, 2017, R: Miguel Salazar mit Ciro Galindo, Esneider Galindo, 107 Min, OmeU (Spanish with English subtitles)

In December 1996, during a trip I made to photograph Caño Cristales, John Galindo, my 14-year-old guide, drowned in front of me. After a long journey back into town, I had to tell his father, Ciro Galindo, that his son had drowned. Without knowing it, everything that happened that day sealed a friendship that continues today. Wherever Ciro’s gone, war has followed him. Displaced several times; his children recruited by the armies of war; his wife Anita, who died of sadness. Outside of the system, yet a victim of the system, Ciro has led an anonymous heroic struggle to live his life on his own terms. Through Ciro’s story, it is possible to understand Colombia’s history. Ciro is a prime witness, on the ground, of a war that seems distant and confusing. CIRO & ME recounts the journey of Ciro to meet his past, in a quest to reconstruct his life and build a future for himself and his son. Ciro’s is a journey into memory, seeking to give words to sorrow, a journey to recover his dignity.
  Paciente (Patient)
Colombia, 2016, D: Jorge Caballero mit Nubia Martinez, Leidy Johana Ortegon, 70 Min, OmeU (Spanish with English subtitles)

A caring mother risks losing her daughter to an aggressive form of cancer. Observational and stripped of any sentimentality, PATIENT grows into a monumental indictment of the heartless bureaucracy that has Colombian health care in its grips. The camera films from three perspectives. One is a tripod at the end of a long white hospital corridor, a door to the right opening into the room where the daughter lies dying; we see cleaners mopping the floor and nurses and doctors going about their daily duties. The second follows the exhausted, limping mother, who time and again must trudge the endless corridors to pry life-saving medication from the system’s clutches, and spend hours in waiting rooms only to be sent back and forth once more. The third camera films the loving mother’s face in close-up, as she cares for her child, talks to her, moves her from place to place, or just keeps watch. And she does it day and night, because the system won’t provide for this kind of care. Director Jorge Caballero’s decision not to film the patient is an inspired one. Here, it’s the mother who’s the paciente. Yes, she’s a victim of the system, but first and foremost she’s a paragon of infinite patience who leaves everyone around her speechless.
  Colombia Bio I Colciencias

Colombia Bio is a documentary series produced within the framework of scientific expeditions led by Colciencias. It takes place in some of Colombia’s regions which suffered long decades of armed conflict

Diverse artistic views of important Colombian film directors are focused in biodiversity. The purpose is to present the country through the relationship between art and science. 6 documentaries, 6 filmmakers, 6 Colombia regions and a team of over 500 people, to produce an unprecedented documentary series.
  Bio Feature Films:

A forced landing caused by a storm led to a passionate scientist finding a paradise that he would end up devoting his life to. Today, 30 years later, he returns to the Chiribiquete Mountain Range, in the heart of the Amazon, to lead an expedition in which he is reunited with the tepuis, the oldest geological formations on the planet, and the rock art that make it a place of great archaeological interest. That return is narrated by a young director who faced adversity to bring a testimony that mixes both experiences, his and the scientist’s.

A reflection of famous scientist Alexander Von Humboldt on the mystique of an expedition, starts a journey of reflections on science through the exploration of the savannahs and gallery forests of Tomo River, which begins at the Meta department, crosses Vichada, and ends in Great Orinoco. This territory is a large biological corridor, not only between those departments, but also between Colombia and Venezuela, and the point of return of a group of biologists to the area they had been able to research until they had to leave it in the 80’s due to the armed conflict.

Bio Shorts:
El Peñon:
Science goes into the caves of El Peñon and the geological richness of its exterior, to unravel a unique diversity that is mixed with the stories of violence told by its inhabitants.

La Tierra del Agua:
A scientific exploration goes beyond Providencia to enter Serrana Cay at the Sea Flower reserve, one of the largest pockets of diversity of the Colombian Caribbean.

Andaki, Camino de Vida:
A group of scientists and several members of the community reflect on life and death while exploring the great biodiversity of a place marked by history.

At the top of the DariénMountain Range, Tacarcuna Hill is the encounter point of the species that move between Central and South America. There, a group of scientists bases on the ancestral knowledge of its inhabitants to understand a unique biodiversity.

  BOGOSHORTS Movement - Colombian fiction and documentary short films from the 15° BOGOSHORTS

Selected Fiction and Documentary short films from the National Competition of the 15º Bogotá Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS, brought to Panorama Colombia Berlin by the BOGOSHORTS Movement, as part of the BOGOSHORTS world tour program.

BOGOSHORTS: FICTION , 119 Min, OmeU (Spanish with English subtitles)

Las Acacias
Colombia - 2017 - 21’
Dir. Santiago Alberto Vargas Prieto

In the middle of his lonely land, Marcos continues working and trying to fill the emptiness left by his missing daughter; fighting against a warfare that has relentlessly invaded his calm.

La casa del árbol / The Treehouse
Colombia, France - 2017 - 16’12”
Dir. Juan Sebastián Quebrada

Today, Verónica moves in with Mateo. Is this the beginning or the end?

Madre / Mother
Sweden, Colombia, France - 2016 - 14’
Dir. Simón Mesa Soto

16 year-old Andrea leaves her neighborhood in the hills of Medellin to attend a downtown casting call for a porn film.

Menguante / Waning
Colombia - 2017 - 11’41”
Dir. Melisa Zapata Montoya

Negra, a young afro-descendant girl, arrives at her house near the sea with news that could change her life and Vieja's one, her adoptive mother.

Hasta aquí todo va bien / So Far, So Good
Colombia - 2017 - 20’
Dir. Ernesto Lozano Redondo

The daily life of a popular neighborhood in Bogotá is interrupted by a man threatening to commit suicide by jumping into the void. Echeverry, an old mariachi and Jacinto, a gambling addict, will bet the money they have to the man's decision.

Colombia - 2017 - 19’39”
Dir. Jerónimo Sarmiento

Clementine, a British flight attendant in her mid-30's, gets stranded in Bogotá for one night due to complications with her crew schedule. Her solitary routine in this foreign city reveals how her job and lifestyle have led her to a disconnection from her affective side. Just like the spacecraft also named Clementine, which never returned to Earth, she seems to wander.

La Jaula / The Cage
Colombia, Switzerland, Brazil - 2016 - 16’22”
Dir. Lony Welter

An old carpenter lives with his toddler grandchild in a little village. One day, his neighbour complains about the constant barking of the guardian dog he owns. Indifferent, the old carpenter pays no attention to the issue and goes on with his chores. But the neighbor's annoyance increases, until he decides to put an end to it, on his own account.
  BOGOSHORTS: DOCUMENTARY , 99 Min, OmeU (Spanish with English subtitles)

Tomada / Taken
Colombia - 2016 - 26’
Dir. Mauricio Leiva Cock

Amongst the streets of La Macarena quarter in Bogotá, Colombia, sits an unfinished building. From the outside, it seems like an abandoned and corroded structure. Within it, however, a family from the coast has built their home. One brimming with life, as nature slowly reclaims the space as its own.

Besos Fríos / Cold Kisses
Colombia, Belgium - 2016 - 15'
Dir. Nicolás Rincón Gille

In Bogotá's outskirts, young voices are echoing all around. Leonardo, Omar, Jaime, Estiven, Diego and so many others are still there, although murdered by the army 6 or 7 years ago. They call on their mothers and kiss them, their lips are as cool as ice. They are blessed souls looking after those whom they love dearly.

La vaca / The Cow
Colombia - 2017 - 13’10”
Dir. Juan Jiménez

Between fluids and shit, a cow gives birth to her calf, it teaches it to walk, eat and nurse. A cold morning the human appears and takes them out. The cow tries to put up resistance, but the effort is useless and now its destiny can be much worse.

Colombia - 2017 - 9’
Dir. César García

On December 30, the "Fight for Gender Equality" was held, as an initiative of the Mayor's Office in Soledad to open new spaces for the LGBTQ community. Brandon San Juan and Brianys Romero clashed in the last performance of the night.

La Madre de las Madres / The Mother of Mothers
Colombia - 2016 - 14’
Dir. Wilson Arango

Following the disappearance of her son, Teresita Gaviria searches tirelessly for the truth that will restore her life and allow her to overcome the pain experienced by hundreds of other Colombian mothers, also victims of violence. Together, they demand their sons be returned "Alive, free, and in peace".

Colombia - 2017 - 21’
Dir. Santiago Calle Cruz

Steven Rivas, a young man from Palmira Valle, seeks through his music to express the emotions and ideas that awakens his environment. Prejudices, social pretensions and corruption are some of the main themes of his punk songs.
  Three Scapulars (Tres Escapularios)
Colombia, 2015, R: Felipe Aljure mit Mauricio Flórez, Karen Gaviria, Luis Fernando Gil, 118 min, OmeU

TRES ESCAPULARIOS is a film that talks about the act of killing. Two ideological killers, Nico and Lorena, have to follow the order of killing an ex-guerrilla militant lady, who’s declarations caused a bombing in a guerrilla camp in which many fighters died. Nico and Lorena meet in Santa Marta and they don’t like each other at first. He is from the urban guerrilla in Bogota, who has never killed and is heartbroken because of a love betrayal. She is a guerrilla militant from Santa Marta who has killed many times and lost both her boyfriend and unborn baby during the bombing on the guerrilla camp that was given away exguerrilla militant. She has many reasons to be full of hatred. Nico and Lorena’s relationship turn up into a wild event.