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  Mo - So 8,00 Euro Kino 1                
  Mo - So 7,00 Euro Kino 2/3  
  Jeden Tag 3,00 Euro für Freundeskreis-Mitglieder  more
Ab 130 Minuten Filmlänge plus Euro -,50
  Ab 150 Minuten Filmlänge plus Euro 1,-
  Kinderfilm 4,- Euro Gruppen ab 10 Kinder 2,50 Euro  
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Berlin Independent Film Festival (BIFF) 

  Berlin Independent Film Festival (BIFF) präsentiert eine innovative Auswahl an international Independent-Filme jeden Abend von 9 bis 17. Februar 2014. Wir präsentieren Low-Budget-Kinospielfilme verschiedener Kategorien, Dokumentarfilme, Kurzfilme verschiedener Genres und Musikvideos von deutschen und internationalen Regisseuren. Alle Filme sind auf Englisch oder mit englischen Untertiteln versetzt. Diese Veranstaltung wird von der Schauspielerin & Stellvertretender Direktorin BIFF, Claudine Biswas ausgerichtet werden. Drei verschiedene Vorführungen jede Nacht. Neun Tage internationaler Independent-Filme von 17:30 bis 23.30 Uhr, gleichzeitig mit, obwohl nicht an die Berlinale angeschlossen.

Alle BIFF Vorführungen finden im Kino 2 statt.  Eintritt: 7,- EUR pro Filmvorführung

  All BIFF screenings take place in Kino 2 of the Babylon.   7,- euro per screening

Berlin Independent Film Festival (BIFF) presents a cutting-edge selection of international independent films every evening from 9-17 February 2014. We screen quality low-budget features of various categories, documentaries, shorts of various genres & music videos by German & international filmmakers. This event will be hosted by actress & BIFF Deputy Director, Claudine Biswas. Nine days of international independent film from 17:30 to 23.30, concurrent with although not affiliated to the Berlinale. All details are to be found on:
  Entrance fee: 7 euro per screening

Berlin Independent Film Festival (BIFF) 


Schedule 2014 / Programme 2014  

  All the films are in English or with English subtitles.

Saturday Feb 8

  Opening Night Party at AG Foundation aka Griffin Bar
Invalidenstr. 151 Berlin 10115
DJ Task spins jazz

Sunday Feb 9

  17:30 Feature 1:
           Newlyweeds (87m) dir. by Shaka King
COMEDY/DRAMA: Lyle is a repo man, an often perilous and/or heart breaking enterprise. His sole companion is his girlfriend Nina, an unemployed capricious dreamer. To dull the stress of their daily lives, they self-medicate with marijuana. But what should be a match made in stoner heaven turns into a love triangle gone awry in this black comedy about addiction.

19:30 Shorts Block 1:
           A Bit Older And A Little Bit Taller (13m) dir. by Manlio Roseano
           Lothar (13m) dir. by Luca Zuberbuehler
           Reboot (15m) dir. by Liam Johnson
           La strada di Raffael (25m) dir. by Alessandro Falco
           The German Who Came to Tea (8m) dir. by Kerry Kolbe
           The Magical Shoe Shop (5m) dir. by Tanja Grupp

21:15 Feature 2:
           Silent Ones (97m) dir. by Ricky Rijneke
           DRAMA: After her brother’s disappearance, a young Hungarian woman (Orsa Thoth) leaves aboard a
           cargo ship to keep her promise of finding a better life. A surreal trip on the fragile edge of life and death.


Monday Feb 10

  17:30 Feature 1:
           Herbstflattern (66m) dir. by Birgitta Weizenegger
DRAMA: The story about a woman, Lene, who gets discharged from a psychiatric hospital after the tragic accident of Sara, a young girl she cared for at the orphanage where she worked as a counselor. The only person Lene has to hold onto is Be Good, a man she met in a chat room on the Internet. Lene desires to get close to him, so that he might provide her with some sense of safety. Having only his mobile number and an out of focus photo in her hands, she searches for Be Good through the streets of Berlin.

19:30  Shorts Block 2:
           Maria (25m) dir. by Elmar Freels
           Parallel (13m) dir. by Oliver Briginshaw
           ICE (19m) dir. by Anthony Tarsitano
           Just Passing By (14m) dir. by Susanne Dollnig
           NOVR (15m) Dir. Geoff O’Rourke
           Un Monde Meilleur (24m) Dir. Sacha Feiner
           Temma (18m) Dir. Anya Meksin
21:15 Feature 2:
           Doomsdays (90m) dir. by Eddie Mullins
DRAMA: Dirty Fred (Justin Rice) and Bruho (Leo Fitzpatrick) are free-wheeling squatters with a taste for off-season vacation homes in the Catskill Mountains. Their commitment to the lifestyle is challenged, however, when a runaway teen and an aimless young woman join their ranks.


Tuesday Feb 11

  17:30 Feature 1:
           The Power of Soul (78m) dir. by Marc Fehse
DOCUMENTARY: What began as a minor interview in Hanover developed into one of the most intimate stories of the Funk and Soul era. Stars such Bobby Byrd, Clyde Stubblefield and George McCrae have their say, as well as Pharcyde from the Hip Hoppers in London. They all recognize the greatness of Mr James Brown, the King of Soul, who was a legend in his own lifetime.

19:30  Experimental Shorts Block 3:
           Judith (8m) dir. by Takahisa Shiraishi
           Tokyo Halloween Night (23m) dir. by Mari Okada
           Only Fair (10m) dir. by Peter Rautek
           Ecstasy of St. Agnes (20m) dir. by Slawomir J Milewski
           Treibjagd (13m) dir. by Christiane Hitzemann

21:15 Feature 2:
           For No Eyes Only (97m) dir. by Tali Barde
THRILLER: When teenage computer geek Sam is unwillingly chained to his desk chair with a broken leg, he entertains himself by spying on his classmates through hacking their web cams – until he witnesses something that nobody was meant to see…


Wednesday Feb 12

  17:30 Feature 1:
           Black Africa White Marble (77m) dir. by Clemente Bicocchi
DOCUMENTARY: In Congo during the 1880s, Pietro Brazza was the pacifist rival of the notorious Stanley. Brazza’s humanity so endeared him to Africans that today Brazzaville remains the only African capital still carrying a European name. Using an innovative blend of animation, puppetry, archival and original footage, this film traces Brazza’s incredible original journey through the uncharted Congo and then shifts to the present in a David-and-Goliath thriller.

19:30  Shorts Block 4:
           Black Box (20m) dir. by Malte Schulz
           Frankenstein’s Monster (12m) dir. by Michael Heerlein
           Happy Hour (4m) dir. by Remy Bazerque
           Parkplatzliebe (10m) dir. by Peter Meister
           Lost and Found (6m) dir. by Tuca Paoli

21:15 Feature 2:
           My Brother’s Vows (89m) dir. by Stephanie Weimar
DOCUMENTARY: A candid and sensitive portrait of my brother’s journey to priesthood – his trials, tribulations and triumphs during this intense time.


Thursday Feb 13

  17:30 Feature 1:
Hjem – Living at the End of the World (46m) dir. by Christoph Kirchner, Martina Chamrad
DOCUMENTARY: Hammerfest (Norway) is the northernmost city in the world. A tough place at the Arctic Circle, where in winter the sun doesn’t rise and during the summer it doesn’t set for months. A place where the magic of the northern lights draws paintings in the sky and the power of nature is as palpable as nowhere else in the world.

19:30  Shorts Block 5:
           Blind Lucky (17m) dir. by Thomy A. Heinelt
           Game Over (20m) dir. by Leonie Thoene
           Aus der Stille (16m) dir. by Lina Schuller
           Perfektes Timing (20m) dir. by Alex Vafiopoulos

21:15 Feature 2:
           Unstoppables (70m) dir. by Daniel Jariod
DOCUMENTARY: Juan Mendez lost his left arm and left leg in a motorcycle accident twenty years ago. After a period of denial and sadness battling with the changes in his life he decided to fight back and took up cycling which led to him founding a cycling club, The Pirates which helps others find their strength. He is now considered the world’s number one athlete in his class.


Friday Feb 14

  17:30 Feature 1:
           They Will Outlive Us All (73m) dir. by Patrick Shearer
B-MOVIE HORROR/SCI FI: New York City. 2016. In the years since Hurricane Sandy, the city has been brought to its knees by a series of ‘Frankenstorms.’ Roommates Margot and Daniel attempt to survive this ‘new’ New York by avoiding it at all costs. But with the advent of three strange deaths in their Brooklyn building, the world they’ve been hiding from begins knocking hard on the back door.

19:30  Horror Short
            Cough (11m) dir. by Jason Kempnich

19:45 Feature 2 (Out of competition)
           Return of the Moonwalker (90m) dir. by Mike Maria & Mike Moreau
COMEDY: Count Cagliostro, a time-traveling sorcerer, runs a punk circus with his eccentric wife in Berlin. His ultimate feat will be to raise Michael Jackson from the dead in order to start a revolution. Enter the looking-glass world of this pacy genre parody.

21:30 Feature 3
           HazMat (80m) dir. by Lou Simon
HORROR: The television crew of the ‘Scary Antics’ hidden camera show sets up a disturbed young man for a practical joke, but the joke is on them when heads start to roll.

Saturday Feb 15

  17:30 Feature 1:
           Unstoppables (70m) dir. by Daniel Jariod
DOCUMENTARY: Juan Mendez lost his left arm and left leg in a motorcycle accident twenty years ago. After a period of denial and sadness battling with the changes in his life he decided to fight back and took up cycling which led to him founding a cycling club, The Pirates which helps others find their strength. He is now considered the world’s number one athlete in his class.

19:30 Shorts Block 7:
           The Stranger (12m) dir. by Lucio Lepri
           Hermit (16m) dir. by Susannah Lane Bragg
           Dead End (15m) dir. by Tonia Mishiali
           The Gold Sparrow (13m) dir. by Daniel Stessen
           Le Train Bleu (18m) dir. by Stephanie Assimacopoulo
           Am I Not Your Girl (8m) dir. by Xavery Robin

21:15 Feature 2:
           Play (79m) dir. by Alec Toller
DRAMA: When the opening night of a new play goes horribly awry, the actors are forced to frantically improvise the plot on stage. Clashing egos, tested friendships and a series of disastrous misunderstandings combine to create the most offensive, shocking and accidental piece of theatrr ever to debut in front of a live audience.


Sunday Feb 16

  17:30  Feature 1:
            Unforgettable Fire the story of a U2 tribute band (56m) dir. by Michelle Regina Iacobelli
DOCUMENTARY: Exploring the personal lives and challenges of the members of one of the longest running U2 tribute bands in the world. We see the members morph from their daily routine into rock star doppelgangers by getting a glimpse of the band at home, at their jobs and on stage mimicking one of the most established and popular bands in the world.

19:30 Shorts Block 8:
           Aquarius (15m) dir. by Mark Auerbachx
           Durandal (14m) dir. by Juanma Romero Garriz
           Reflections (12m) dir. by Ashley Pegg
           Dessert (8m) dir. by Jolanda Lucchini
           Stock Exchange (12m) dir. by Frederic Mosbeux
           ZIBIDI (12m) dir. by Nart Zeqiraj
           La Bouillabaisse (7m) dir. by Andrea Lanfredi, Nicola Parolini

21:15 Feature 2:
           The Warehouse (100m) dir. by Andrew McGeary
Charlie is a down on his luck property developer has one last chance to save his family and livelihood by redeveloping a run-down warehouse. Run-ins with an anti-social artist squatting upstairs are raising his already elevated stress levels. Somebody is clearly trying to derail his efforts, but the artist is not the only one with a grudge against Charlie.


Monday Feb 17

  17:30 Music Videos Block:

Life On Earth (4m) dir. by Olivier Babinet
Utopia (4m) dir. by Lara Celenza
Deathcrush – Lesson #16 for Beatmaster V / Fun (3m) dir. by Kenneth Karlstad
Viviente (6m) dir. by Ivalo Frank
A world between walls (4m) dir. by Martin Mostert
Lamb – Wise Enough (5m) dir. by Vandad Kashefi
Now you can heal (4m) dir. by Andrius Sarapovas
Solar Scene (4m) dir. by steven young
Floex – Gone (music video) (4m) dir. by Andrea A. Stuart
Ghost of a smile (4m) dir. by peder thomas pedersen, simon bonde
The Man Who Was Forever Haunted by His Head (6m) dir. by Claudio Sichel
EVE (3m) dir. by Nicholas Goodman
Lights In The Sky (3m) dir. by David Rosen
Five Past Ten (4m) dir. by Lara Celenza
Are We Apart (4m) dir. by Viktor Enoksen
Girls don’t cry part II (4m) dir. by Jérémie Seguin
From One Island To Another (6m) dir. by Paul Jerndal
Mimic (2m) dir. by lucio arese
Familiar Act (4m) dir. by Saray Blades
Behind the Brave (5m) dir. by Fabien Dapvril
Moonbeam – Madness (3m) dir. by Pavel Khvaleev

19:30 Shorts Block 9:
           Pequeño bloque de cemento con pelo alborotado conteniendo el mar (16m)
           dir. by jorge lópez navarrete
           Katya & The Scarlet Sails (12m) dir. by Vika Evdokimenko
           L’Incognita (22m) dir. by Enrico Muzzi
           Cruz Verde (28m) dir. by Sandra Birkner

21:15 Feature 2:
           The Brightest Colours Make Grey (88m) dir. by Daniel Audritt
DRAMA: Stanley is a retrophilic wannabe writer living in London. He sleeps on an old dilapidated sofa-bed and revels in his own self-indulgent melancholy. After a meeting at a gallery, Stanley and a mysterious girl spend the day walking through London talking about love, life and everything else. However Stanley never completely knows where he stands with the enigmatic and secretive girl with whom he is spending the day.


Tuesday Feb 18

  Closing Night Party
at AG Foundation aka Griffin Bar
Invalidenstr. 151 Berlin 10115
DJ Task spins jazz